Many books, essays, articles and even poems have been written on the subject of cultism.
Controversies rage on on the pages of newspaper, radio stations, legislative chambers and in churches across the nation on this same vexed issue of cultism – campus cultism.
Many scholars have commented on this topic but no single authority on cultism – the cultist themselves – have been asked or given the forum to shed light on the addictive nature of this esoteric phenomenon that perpetuates its existence and seemingly makes it immoral.
A secret cult can be defined as an organisation of which people come together to pledge their allegiances under an oath and have a social bond of commitment and dedication for the good of the organisation. It can also be called cultism, which is the practice and devotion of a cult. It is a noun used to describe a cult, a religion or a religious sect. that is considered extreme or false that typically follows a charismatic leader.
Secret cults are rampant in schools all over the world. This social vice is gradually eating up the educational and moral standard of students. Innocent ones are being lured into the vice and other social vices such as drug abuse, armed robbery, murder etc.
After a potential cultist had embarked on the esoteric escapade of confraternal kindergarten, his life then adopts the sophisticated personality of discretion. He becomes adept at circumventing major school rules, takes up defiant stance against norm and constituted authorities, and then glorys in his first taste of boisterous freedom. He becomes moonstruck and deliriously happy. A delusion of grandeur.
Now everything in the business of cultism run in eagerness, on courage and anxiety as the excellent little manipulation of courageous and aggressive military politicians has degenerated their embellishing of clandestine decoy. The progenitors now take umbrage that the cults exhibits an annihilatory obsession for adventurously devastating savagery.
I know for sure that to our progenitors, it is still a mystery for them to determine when this sweet flight of ecstasy segued into a horrifying awareness as they, in their desperation, seek and searched for leverages to anchor for succour.
If government and society are true in their quest to annihilate the menace of cultism in our campuses, then there should be a shift of approach from their present policy of weakly improvised contingency method to a more pragmatic and articulated modus operandi. Presently the disheveled and frantic strikes of the government and society cannot match the awesome splendour which cultism holds to the potential cultist. Repentant cultists tend to become maudlin after a re-exposure to the un-invigorating existence of life outside cultism – this is the product of a mediocre society – which resurrects in them a consummate emotional starvation for the intricacies of confra-life which is now their elixir.
In my opinion, Education seems to be the most effective panacea for cultism.
Education plays a crucial role in inculcating positive values,attitudes and behaviours that promote harmonious relationship. It plays a vital role in the growth of our youths as it allows knowledge to be advanced from generation to generation.
Cultism runs counter to the principles and practices of Nigerian education and its effects is felt at the individual, familial, societal, academic, national and international levels. In the elimination of cultism, restructuring of Nigerian education cannot be over emphasized.
Through Educational Institutions;
*Orientation programmes should be organised to re-orientate our youths on the effects of cultism and discouraging them from joining such groups.
*Anti-cultism sensitisation seminars and classes should be held to specially enlighten the vulnerable on the dangers of secret cult.
In conclusion, Confraternity in itself is not a horrendous organization. The horror is the jihadist characteristic which they exhibit. If the confraternities are given the opportunity to become registered and legal, thereby being accountable to their actions, they will all metamorphose into a likeness of the non-violent confraternity which operates in the manner confraternities function in western universities.
Until such measures are activated, we should know in all sincerity that the cults have come to stay because they have been hypnotized by the larger society into moistening their short eternity in a perpetual desecration of un-profaned youths.
By Mark Uduosa

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