The below are foods you are advised not to consume at night. Reason: All the below foods if eaten consecutively at night can affect your shape, height and other essentials.


1. Cheese
Cheese is fattening and easy to over-eat on.Cheese should be eaten in very strict
moderation. Cheese is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, and too much of it can increase your risk of heart disease.

2. Citrus
Too many fruits can lead to gas at night, and makes digestion more complicated because sugar ferments. If you must eat some fruit before bed, try not to eat more than a cup.

3. Spicy Food
Spicy or hot foods stimulate your senses, and they have the ability to give heartburn or contribute to an upset stomach, and no one wants that before bed.

4. Fatty Food
Pizza, burgers and French-fries taste great, but they aren’t great to your body, so don’t eat them at night. They can mess up your digestive system and help you pack on the pounds. You’ll feel horrible the next day, zapped of the energy you need to make your day productive.

5. Red Meats
Red meats are hard to digest. That’s why you shouldn’t eat them at night. It will be harder to fall asleep if you do eat red meat directly before bed.

6. Cereals
It is very difficult to follow serving suggestions for cereal, so if you’re watching your weight, it’s best to eat it in the morning but not late at night.

7. Vegetables
I know I threw you off with my suggestion to lay off of fruits and citrus before bed, but you are probably shocked vegetables make the list. Some vegetables are not ideal to eat before bed. Celery, for example, celery is a diuretic. According to this article, a diuretic increases the rate of urination.
It’s counter-productive to eat these types of vegetables, because you’ll be waking up more than usual at night to use the restroom instead of getting a good rest.

8. Junk Food
Chips and salsa, popcorn, and all that other comfort food. Let it go. It’s not helping you sleep better, lose weight, or be healthy.

9. Sweets
Put down that ice cream cone, candy bar, or piece of chocolate, because they are officially off limits before bed! Yes, these things can be considered comfort foods, but these same comfort foods are loaded with fat! Sugar also keeps you up longer! It’s not the type of combination you want while you’re trying to go to bed!

10. Bread
Unless you’re trying to gain weight, eating bread before going to bed is a horrible idea.
The carbs in bread can make you hungrier at night, and cause you to overeat.
Confused? Then explore the internet and check out other suggestions. Many of the things I’ve listed here, are the same things health experts elsewhere will tell you to avoid.
Some things weren’t listed here because they were obvious or not considered food, but here are some other suggestions: do not drink alcohol before bed, do not drink too much water before bed, and be sure to not drink coffee before bed. Soda also follows under the do-not-drink directly before bed list. Some experts suggest not eating at all three to four hours before bed

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