Nigerians name ministers buhari drop

THE outcome of two online opinion polls commissioned by Saturday Vanguard to feel the pulse of Nigerians regarding increasing calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to rijig his ministers revealed that many believed that an urgent reorganisation of the President’s cabinet would be key to resolving the perception of inactivity about the Buhari administration. Participants also used the platform to appraise the performance of the ministers and provide feedback to the Federal Government in line with their conviction on how best the administration could actualise its change agenda. The polls posed the following questions: Who among Buhari’s ministers do you think should be dropped? Should President Muhammadu Buhari change his cabinet? The key highlights of the polls revealed the following: Many were worried about the economy and power sector; There was anger over the performance of President Buhari’s team; Majority wanted the sports minister removed; The ethnic fault lines in the country sharply played out and Absence of optimism in the manner the country was generally being governed. Of the 1,129 responses recorded as at 6: 40pm yesterday, 687 respondents representing 65.9 percent wanted a change of cabinet. Those, who didn’t want a change of cabinet, were 359 representing 34.4 percent of those, who made their stance known. Apart from simply indicating their position, most explained the reasons for wanting certain changes in the leadership of most ministries. In responding, most of the respondents identified the economy and power as critical sectors that demanded extra efforts in order to get the country out of its current economic troubles. While many, who disclosed their stand in that regard, demanded a change in the management of Nigeria’s economy, others expressed confidence in the leadership of the power ministry but demanded the split of the office to allow efficiency. The ministries of Sports, Finance, Education, and Communication were mostly mentioned by those, who called for a change in their respective leaderships, while Petroleum, Agriculture and Solid Minerals ministries were spared of the calls for reorganisation by majority. The Ministry of Foreign of Affairs topped the ministerial rating, with all respondents not mentioning it among those that required change. However, it was observed that ethnic sentiments, party affection, and patriotism influenced the manner of responses recorded.


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