MUST READ: 13 Types Of Neighbours In Off-campus Hostels

13 Types Of Neighbours In Off-campus Hostels
Today I’m talking about the types of neigbours found in Hostels, Off campus Hostels to be precise, Let’s begin Note: It’s not a generalization,
most students fall under on of the following:-
(1) The Borrower
These set of neighbours are very friendly and nice at first, Then they reveal their true self when you become close to them, they start by innocently borrowing things from you, and you being a good neighbor happily comply. but they see this as an invitation to keep borrowing your Stuff, even to personal objects, It gets to a point where they just help themselves without asking you. the good ones return borrowed objects in a damaged state, while others don’t return them at all
(2) The Churchy Neighbour
These set of neighbours see themselves as the holy of Holy’s, they don’t mingle with others whom they tag as worldly people. their major concern is Church, Church, Church
(3) The Gladiator
These set of neighbours are like kratos in The God of war video game, they keep fighting over little issues. everyone try their best to avoid their them.
(4) The DJ
These set of neighbours are well known for their habit of playing loud music, they always play the sound system with the settings on the highest volume, thus making it difficult for other people to sleep or concentrate while reading. they don’t care if they’re disturbing other people around.
(5) The Yahoo Guy
These guys are highly respected by other neighbours due to their financial level, they put on good clothes, have the most furnished apartments, drive good cars, and they know how to ball …..
(6) The Party Goer
To These set of neighbours, everyday is Friday.. all they care about is Party, party party. and they are the ones who always return late at night and knock the gate for those inside to let them into the compound.
(7) The Run town
These Set of neigbours are also known as hustlers, they get the highest number of august visitors… lol (if u know what I mean) most times the visitors stay over night playing (temple run) with them.
(8) The Food hunter
These set of neighbours are really good at finding and devouring food, they secretly cook their food, but openly devour the food of other people, when you’re cooking, they won’t come into your apartment, but the moment the food is ready they will just stroll in and lie down on your bed….I don’t know how they do it, maybe they use food detecting radar…..
(9) The Psycho
This neighbor tends to keep to themselves. Their blinds are always shut and you never really see them except for the times that they are peering through the window at you. On the odd occasion that you do catch them outside, they will never return your hello, but instead give you a silent cold stare.
(10) The Gossipers
These ones are the BBC and CNN of the hostel, they know about the latest happenings withing and outside the hostel, they know those dating each other, keeping malice with each other, e.t.c, They pretend to be your best friend so that they can scoop information from you to give to their next victim,….
(13) Small girls who think all they came to school to do is share share and share for free (don’t ask me what they are sharing) lol
(14) The Nice Neigbour
These set of people are nice and loved by all, they are well balanced…….

I’m done, feel free to add yours

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