Name:Abayomi Olanrewaju Israel



Hobbies: Watching and playing football, watching movies, travelling, attending seminars and functions,listening to music,reading books, preparing dishes…


Likes: I like humble persons, sincerity, being genuine, being able to live up to ones words, I admire hardworking persons, I crave passion and flair and I also like flashy things and class…

Role model: Ben Carson

Dislikes: I abhor infidelity, I dislike unnecessary pressure, I hate lies, I don’t like persons that can’t live up to their words…

Quote: Chase excellence and success would hunt you down…

Position aspiring for: Financial secretary

My drive is my unrivaled love for SPAN AAU chapter and national at large…

My vision is to leave SPAN better and more wealthy than I met it,and to make an average Spanite exposed to necessary things which can trigger dogged concentration and to be geared up for the task ahead through proper management of our resources…

Aim and purpose of aspiring: SPAN is going towards a green land,which we so deserve. To get there, you would agree with me that maga projects have to be undertaken… I so appreciate the effort of our HOD(Dr Ernest Nwoke Israel Onyebuche). He is a great man who is doing his very best to make sure physiology gets her place in the health sector and not just getting her place but holding her place. I in the person of Abayomi Olanrewaju Israel would love to key into that,because I know I would be able to offer more being an executive than being just a Spanite…and I know everyone,every sector and every association needs finances to undertake projects,and not just getting the finances,but having someone who can properly manage and make judicious use of them. So Abayomi would love to be at the helms as Financial secretary, all I need is the opportunity, which can be granted by my fellow spanites… Thanks a bunch… I love this family. Thank you.

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