Inspirational Quote: SUCCESS IS WITH YOU – Tobi Royal


There are no restraints as to what a man is capable of becoming in whatever aspect of life in other to succeed. When a man is positive, hardworking towards the right work, disciplined and with a defined value, the sky is the beginning of his success.

I’ve heard many persons and stumbled on some articles that tends to suggest that people within a particular locality succeeds more than the other. The truth is success is not location bound, in other words, success is not tied to a particular location, little wonder why you see people relocating from one place to another, from Nigeria to USA in search of green pastures, even from USA to Nigeria, you will agree with me that there are hundreds of companies in Nigeria owned by white men. Here’s an instance, a popular Nigerian singer who was formerly based in USA had relocated to Nigeria in pursuit of success in his music career and he has been doing well for himself till date. Similarly, another Nigerian based music artiste, Sheyman, had also recently relocated to USA. To do what? The answer is universal, the search for success.

If success were to be geographically based, then every persons living in Lagos should be successful because Lagos is the most successful State in Nigeria. But on the alternative, this is not so. There are successful people living in other parts of our country like Yola, Edo, Bornu, Oyo, Kebbi State and so on.

The big question is why is it so? Have you ever asked yourself? What changed? Nothing changed, absolutely nothing. It is the individual who changed.

Success is a reflection of our individual life, our goals, our vision, our priorities, our values. Psychologists has shown that successful people are more after, interested and passionate about how to achieve their individual goals, set their priorities right and spending the while of their natural life pursing their vision rather than bothering about thier environment. Larry Ziegler popularly known as Larry King was born and bred on the street of Brooklyn many years ago when Brooklyn was far behind today’s Brooklyn. Cornelius Vanderbilt a.k.a The Commodore, the father of rail roads in America grew up on the street of old New York, Ekpoma is ten times better the old New York, when America 1st democracy attempt was seen as a total failure just after its bloody civil war. Our own Aliko Dangote with an estimated net worth of 12.3 Billion USD was born and bred in Kano State. What changed? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Kano state still remains Kano State with hundreds of unsuccessful people in it. The only thing that is subject to change is yourself, you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.

There are hundreds of opportunities lying around you, if only you can open and put your powerful subconscious mind to effective work to see those opportunities, a wise man once said “all that a man needs to succeed is within his environment, look closely”. In the medical science world, the say ‘AN ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS IS HALF THE CURE’. The moment you look closely and figured out that thing, spend the whole of your natural life in its pursuit, when you follow this path, you’re on your way towards living a successful life.

Tobi Royal,
Inspirational and motivation speaker,
Principal, RoyalPlus Consult.

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