How to succeed at work.

How to succeed at work.

A successful career doesn’t happen by chance but, as a result of skills, hard work, attitude, and a strategic action plan. Our attitude and looks greatly affect how our persons and work are perceived, especially in the workplace. Here are some things to do to shine at work.

Always do a great job– More often than not jobs come with job descriptions which set out your employers expectations of you. Success at work means doing your job well at all times. Always endeavour to meet and exceed all targets set by your employers. It is always best to under promise and over deliver, when you are known as the staff who gets the job done, you are well on your way to a successful career.

Dress for Business Success- I like the popular aphorism “Dress as you wish to be addressed.” Unfortunately, some ladies are yet to understand that no one can tell the content of your character and depend on your manner of dress, and attitude to assess you. As such, donning the right attire will go a long way to help your career. Dress to impress, not titillate, bearing in mind your industry and role. This means suits and blouses or camisoles for bankers, lawyers, and ladies in conservative job roles. For those in Telecomms, a Business casual dress code does not mean that you can wear your weekend attire of jeans and casual tops to work no, rather don dresses, blouses, and/or jackets atop tailored classy pants, or jeans in a dark wash. Make statements with your accessories, especially shoes and bags. Makeup should be subdued and natural.

natural looking. In all, the professional mode of dress should hint at your efficiency and professionalism, not necessarily your fashion sense.

Never get your honey where you get your money- Even though some people see nothing wrong with dating a colleague, it really is not such a good idea. Bringing the drama and emotions of your love life to the workplace detracts from the energy that would be better directed to your job.  This is why many employers demand that one party leaves the firm when two of their staff choose to get married. The workplace is the place we spend a large part of our day, and lives, however, our personal and personal lives should be distinct. Some ladies also don’t see anything wrong with dating the boss, another no no. Why? It never pays to be a sexual plaything, especially because women who do that are perceived to be inept, and sleeping their way to the top, which might not necessarily be the case. So babe, do the wise thing and focus on your job.

Act professionally– A professional demeanor means conducting yourself in a polite and professional manner. No late coming or tardiness, no gossiping, not taking extended personal calls (if at all) during work hours. It means doing the job you are paid to do in a professional manner, giving a positive image of yourself and your employers, at all times.

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