Exclusive Interview with Jude’o

On this brand new edition on exclusive interview

We have no other than our own break out Gospel Artist Jude’o
Welcome Jude’o
I trust you have a wonderful day and before we start and go deeper
People out there will like to know more

What re you full names?
Jude’O: My name is Ogana Jude popularly known as Jude’o Aka DE messenger
When and why did you start singing?
Jude’O:I started singing at the age of 12
Which instrument did you play?
Jude’O:Em’ am still learning some keys thou but I play the keyboard
What was the first tune(s) you learn?
Jude’O:I learn to play on key F sharp
Is your family musical?
Jude’O:Yeah… Its reign in the family
Describe your family’s musical interest and abilities
Jude’O:We sing songs to edify men and glorify God..
And to reach out to lost souls too
Which famous musician do you admired and why?
Jude’O:Nathaniel Bassey…. He is my mentor and father in the Lord. I admire is ways of worship and how he glorify God with his trumpet and I wish I could be like that and even more greater than that
Which famous musician(s) have you learned from?
Jude’O:Have learnt from so many artists but mostly Nathaniel Bassey and Frank Edwards
Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?
Jude’O:Its my Bible. Why because its filled with everything I ever need musically, spiritually,mentally and otherwise
Were you influenced by old records?
Jude’O:Don’t really understand the word “old records sir
I meant old gospel artist before our time?
Jude’O:Yea sure! There words are full on wisdom and heavenly minded
Who re your favourite musicians? Groups?
Jude’O:The rock stars music
Do you perform in public? Describe those occassion?
Jude’O:Yea! Church event, wedding, birthday party, etc
How often and how long do you practice?
What do you practice? New tune(s), exercises?
Jude’O:I practice with my keyboard learning new Skillz and running my vocal scale too
How do you balance your music with other obligation- mates,spouse,work?
Jude’O:Wow that’s huge.! Well, I tried to manage them both in work place I sing to myself, I try to avoid anything that will distract me from God. And I stay focused
 Behind every successful man lies a woman, how true is this phrase? Who’s the woman behind you?
Jude’O:Very true sir. My mum gat my back with prayers and she is ever ready to push me to the length I need to be
Your song Had I known was truly a success, what inspired you?
Jude’O:Its was a dream the Lord showed me how people were trooping into hell and few person were going to heaven. So he gave me this song to sing telling the world that there is heaven and there is hell but the good thing is JESUS IS still accepting and he is still saving live
Any new project(s)?
Judeo’O:Yea after the release of #Egbega am planning something big its a concert title #TheMessage
Before you go, any word of advice and encouragement to your fans out there?
Jude’O: Yea.. I urge you all to be focused in all your doings and carry God along backing it up with prayers and concentration. Its well with you all. Thanks
And that’s all for today
Thanks for granting us this interview, we spanconnect wish you all the best
Jude’O: amen and God bless you guys

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