A murderer allegedly stabbed his former girlfriend to death and then told their two-year-old son ‘oh I am so sorry, you can come and live with your daddy.’

David Davies, 25, from Clynnog, near Caernarfon, has admitted murdering Emma Baum, 22, but does not accept the full prosecution case.

Mold Crown Court heard Davies denied using a knife in the attack and claimed he did not take a weapon to Miss Baum’s home.

Her body was found in her back garden in Penygroes, Gwynedd, on July 18.

She had a minimum of 20 injuries to her head including stab and puncture wounds and one stab wound penetrated the brain.

The prosecution claim Davies attacked Miss Baum in the early hours of July 18 and then disposed of the murder weapons, which have never been recovered.

It was alleged Davies sent text messages to his victim’s phone after he’d killed her in order to create an alibi for himself.

He then returned to her home and raised the alarm at 10.36am claiming he had found her in the back garden.

The prosecution said the victim’s boy, aged two and ten months, had been alone for ten hours after his mother’s murder.

Despite knowing she was dead, Davies called Miss Baum’s mother, Amanda Williams, to the scene.

The court heard he stood and watched as she desperately tried to revive her daughter’s lifeless body.

She claimed Davies then brought the boy down the stairs and told him: ‘Oh I am so sorry. You have lost your mother. It doesn’t matter, you can come and live with your daddy.’

It was also alleged that before the murder he told Miss Baum to make the most of her son ‘because two weeks today you will never see him again…I will have the last laugh.’

Davies denied allegations he had been violent towards Miss Baum and had made threats to kill her.

Miss Baum told her mother Davies had threatened to kill her a few times and said he would put her in a wheelchair and gauge her eyes out.

The defendant allegedly said he would kill her if he found she had been with someone else.

Dafydd Roberts, defending, said the alleged comments made to the child on the morning of the death were false.

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