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Guys, Here Are 4 Places You Must Never Touch In A Lady’s Body!

So here’s my list on the places a man should never touch on a woman’s body along with the worst times to do it.

This is so because I’m not saying these places should never be touched, I’m saying they shouldn’t be touched in certain scenarios. Men, you need to be astute. I know, it’s hard sometimes. But here are they

1. The Tip when other things are going on with our body. Avoid Tip pinching when they are buubs feeding or about to have our periods. It just hurts … in the bad way.

2. The stomach after a large meal. We really want to have a flat tummy, but it’s nearly impossible most times, particularly after we just ate a cheeseburger with sweet potato French fries and had much drink. Or during a premenstrual bloat. Or when we eat anything with beans.

3. The womanliness when it needs a bath. If you start going downtown and she pulls you back up, this is your red flag that she’s not feeling so fresh. Respect it because your attempt will be futile. She probably won’t enjoy it while worrying about her lady odor anyway.

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4. Anywhere after we have been sweating … a lot … and we aren’t drunk. I’d say about 99 percent of the time, most women don’t like a man to get all physical after they’ve gotten all physical at the gym.

This is also true for when they have been outside heating up during those sweltering summer months. But I’ve found that if you add alcohol, this hang up of being touched when sweaty is gone. Same goes for all the others, too.

Now you know the places not to touch in a lady’s body at Certain scenarios., Did I miss any? you can tell me by sharing in the comments section below.

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