Benefits of effective communication to relationships

Benefits of effective communication to relationships

The best way to keep a relationship flowing well is to communicate effectively with the other party.

Communication, which is more than just exchanging information but all about understanding the emotions and intentions behind the information, brings closeness between two spouses.

There are two ways to communicate and I want you to know that communication is not only based on conveying your messages in a way that your partner would understand but its also about giving ears. In other words, listening to the message that is being conveyed and making your partner realise that you’re actually with him/her. It is also a way to show that you care.

Another essential reason for communication in relationships is that it breaks the barriers of fear, shyness, isolation and not being opened to your spouse or other relations.

Difficult message can be communicated without creating conflict between both parties if they are so grinded in their communication skills.

Nevertheless, if you have a weak communication skills with your partner it is not too late to improve on it. To improve on your communication skills, you must become an engaged listener as said earlier.

Pay careful attention to non verbal signals such as facial expression, body language, gestures, posture and eye contact well because they are the actions that speaks louder than voice. If you understand them well you would be able to use it effectively to communicate and also to study the moods of your spouse before or during communication.

Make sure before any communication with your partner, you examine yourself to be stress Free in other to give him/her 100% attention and never forget to defend oneself.

Defending oneself simply means expressing your thoughts, feelings and needs in an open and honest way. It does not mean being hostile or aggressive but standing up for your self and respecting others.

Communication in relationship is all about understanding your spouse, sharing thoughts and being close to him/her. It is not about winning or forcing your opinions on your spouse.

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