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Outcome of Today’s meeting with E.d to Edo state governorship( macus Onobu).

It is no longer news that people are taking side with the management to convince the students to pay the unacceptable fee because of there selfish interest. I don’t want to mention names but they claim that the fee was increased for our own benefit.

E.d to the state governor(macus Onobu) insisted that it is the S.U.G President that has the right to negotiate with the management over the increment, not even the Nans

if the students are not comfortable with the fee as they claim, they should put up a letter to the current S.U.G President the person of Comr Khalifa Oshiomhole, to channel the complain to the management.

He claimed that the fee was never increased by the state governor.

Meanwhile i urge all affected students to make themselves available for this move, it seem the management are taking us for granted.

Nomatha where you are I advice you to come down to school at most by tomoro, let us stand for our right with this people.

They are taking us for a fool. And as for the old students who are skeptical about this, we assure you that we will win.

It is nolonger new that the fight is only for 100l and 200l students alone so I advice all 100l and 200l students to make themselves available for this. Come down to school anywhere you are, irrespective of the location.


By Com Edwin Okoloise.

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