8 important things You Shouldn’t Do At Your Prime If You Must Marry.

1. At your prime, flee from sleeping with a married man cos that’s the time they will come flocking around you…i mean usain bolt yourself away cos you can’t bear the consequences in the future(karma)

2. At your prime, stop playing boyfriend and girlfriend game, for Godsake you are at your prime you don’t have time again if he’s not willing to take you down the isle unbolt him and let him give other suitors way

3. At your prime moderate your taste and bring it under control…i mean don’t settle for less but be moderate in your choice of partner

4. At your prime you shouldn’t play hard to get….be more open and jovial especially to the male folks cos some of them must woo you, from their make your choice carefully

5. At your prime, keep your options open even if you are engaged cos there’s NO written agreement or guarrantee that he must marry you, reason is because you are at your prime…inshort there’s NOTHING like engagement in the bible sef, even mary was bethroted joseph and not engaged to her so therefore, every “engagement is prone to breaking”

6. At your prime, ensure you aren’t idle cos NO man wants a liability as a wife…either you have a good handwork or you are working already

7. At your prime you must have known how to pray…forget the nature of men, we love you more when you love God

Ok, the above epistle is strictly for girls/ladies who believe in marriage and ofcourse as a nigerian we solely and strongly believe in marriage…but however, if you think you are guilty in any one of these it’s never too late you should be thanking God you are opportuned to see this…what you need to do now is refasten your seatbelt and retrace your steps and hit the right mark…

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